Proud native of Nashville, TN I have traveled with my military family all over Europe in my youth, living in Europe had a big impact on my art, my mother was also a artist the medium she worked in was copper, so, she nurtured me, and every chance she got to inspire me, I was exposed to the arts from museums to galleries, the many beautiful buildings and sculpted statues, classical to jazz music, fashion and marionette shows and castles to candy or candle making factories in France and through out Europe, upon returning to Nashville, I was entered into many art contest from elementary to high school.

When I was in the ninth grade at Glencliff, my art was on exhibit at Cheekwood Museum of Fine Art, that following summer I had a scholarship to attend Marquette University Art Program but I didn’t attend, and  I transferred to Hume-Fogg Technical High School where I majored in commercial art, my teacher Mrs. Mary Jo. Grady made a big difference in my life, in art she was the most awesome art teacher, that I have ever had, that was the only schooling that I ever got in high school, but, at that time, I was into modeling,  even a little fashion design, my mother even brought me a sewing machine but, I never became a fashion designer and I only did art as a hobby at that point or when I felt sad, however, I did not pursue art as a career after high school.

When, I was twenty I did however continue modeling and,  I became a single mother, my mother lost her battle to cancer, three years later.

Three beautiful children, one divorce later, that was my turning point, through prayer in 1997, I started my art business, one thing for sure life happens, and from there, it is all about our choices, and how we live it, God is working on me everyday, I am not perfect and in my art when I make mistakes, sometimes I just let them be, as a reminder.

My three children, are my inspiration, I am a devoted and loving mother, I will never give up on my three children or the  people, I love, I am where I am because of the grace and mercy from God, my faith,my children, my family, my church family and my friends,  are very important to me, we may not have it all together, but, together we have it all.

The mediums I work in are watercolors, ink, pencils, color pencils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal pastels, rhinestone, gold leaf, stimulated lead and glass, I also make quilts, pillows, dolls and jewelry.

I love what I do, this isn’t a hobby, this is my life, I love teaching art from time to time, my professional experience have all been blessings as follows in instructing, initiating, organizing art classes at Hopkinsville Housing Authority, YMCA of Hopkinsville, KY YMCA of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NYC, Walnut Street Center of Hopkinsville, KY, Lutheran Social Services, Women In Need, INC. in Brooklyn, NY and many other special projects in art, just to name a few.

From 1997 to 2016, I have had over 50 exhibits group and solo, my art has been in every kind of venue you can think of,  my most recent art exhibits was at The Bradley Academy & Cultural Museum of Murfreesboro, TN, Nashville Public Library Downtown, Celebrating the life of Dr. Maya Angelou, Nashville, TN,  The Parthenon Museum, Nashville, TN, and The Green Hills Public Library in Nashville, TN.

I have many public, private corporate and renowned collectors.

I proudly present my Twelve fine art prints from my art collection, ten prints are 11×15 with / mats :” all you’ll need is a 16×20 frame of your choice “.


Reading Between The Lines

I Appreciate You and Thank You
Father, Forgive Dem

The Protector
Almost over those dirty low down blues

The Wedding Gift
I was jus’ playin’

A Mother’s Prayer
Baby, have some toast & jelly?

Mama’s Touch

and one 16×20 ” NBA Hopefuls

“NBA Hopefuls” which was on the set of The Steve Harvey Show in the last season of the show 2001, inside Cedric and Lovita’s apartment, 16×20 S/N , L/E of 1000, Complete with cert. of authenticity,” not matted or framed “.

I thank you all for your interest and support in my art, May God continue to bless you and yours in a mighty way.


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